Genuine US Military Issued Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag. Very Good Condition.


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Genuine US Military Issued Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is for use in areas where the Temperatures ranging from -10 to +30 F. The bag comes in one size, it’s in a mummy shaped bag made with quilted overlapping channels. The outer channels are filled with mixture of waterfowl feathers and down, the inner channels are quilted with batting to provide the necessary insulation. The shape and design of the bag give more warmth with less weight, the outer fabric is water repellent. The full length free-running fastener(zipper) at the front opening of the bag has webbing loops attached to the slider for ease of operation, the bag has snap fasteners provided in case the zipper fails,  Very good for camping and outdoor sporting events for over night. This bag is in Issued, in very good condition. The outer cover is discolored and tie straps are missing, we will include 2 good tie straps.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 15 in