Genuine US Military Issue Bates NEW Gore-Tex BLACK , TAN OR Sage ICW (Intermediate Cold/Wet) Boot

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Genuine US Military Issue ICWB Black OR Tan (Intermediate Cold/Wet Boot), Bates, Belleville, and Rocky are all made of this type of Boot and Gore-Tex Boot as well, the Intermediate Cold/Wet Boot (ICWB), with removable liner has designed to protect your feet from cold and frostbite in areas where moisture and cold are critical factors, these boots should not be worn in weather below +10F and 68F, (for temperatures fall below 10 degrees F then the cold weather Insulated, Rubber, Micky Mouse, or White Bunny Boots , Vapor Barrier, Should be Worn.)These Bate’s Gore-Tex Boots should be worn with one pair of wool sock or cushion sole socks. These boots should be fit snugly, not tightly with the removable bootie, should have 1/2 additional length at toe. To keep your boots up from wear and becoming soiled, you clean with damp cloth and let dry then waterproof them with mink oil or leather protectors you may have, it will maintain the life of your boot. Our Inventory Changes Frequently, Please put the size you want in comments with your order. Thank You.  UPS Only!!

Black Sizes:  7.5R, 8R-1, 8W-3, 8.5R-1 , 12W, 12.5R-4, 12.5W, 13R, 15R, 15.5R

Tan Sizes: 9.5R-2, 9.5W, 10.5R, 11W-2, 11.5W

Sage Size: 13R Excellent Used

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 7 in

Black-7.5R, Black-8R, Black-8W, Black-8.5R, Black-10XW, Black-10.5R, Black-12W, Black-12.5R, Black-12.5W, Black-13R, Black-15R, Black-15.5R, Tan-9.5R, Tan-10R, Tan-10.5R, Tan-11R, Tan-11W, Tan-11.5W, Sage-10R, Sage-13R